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Any reference to brand names, ‘designer inspired’ or 'celebrity inspired' are made strictly for comparison of style purposes. Any items sold on Style Struck as ‘designer inspired’ or 'celebrity inspired' are not affiliated with any brands mentioned. We do not represent them as exact copies or originals.  

The use of the celebrity pictures is for informational purposes only to solely demonstrate the similarity of the products carried on Style Struck with those of which are seen in the pictures worn by the celebrity. The celebrity displayed in these photos do not sponsor or endorse the products sold on Style Struck nor are they associated or affiliated in any way with Style Struck.

Prices and product stock availability are subject to change without notice.

All logos, text, photos and images residing on are protected under copyright law and are the sole property of Style Struck.


We ask that all comments and content submitted on our social media avenues and blog be relevant to Style Struck. These forums are intended to encourage positive engagement, sharing and inspirational point of views. We ask that participation in these social avenues be constructive and most of all civil.
We reserve the right to remove any inappropriate content or comments.
This may include, but is not limited to:
References to competing web sites
Promotional content
Offensive material, profanity or sexually explicit material
Negative or nonconstructive comments

Please feel free to contact us regarding any inappropriate content residing on any of our social forums.

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